Monday, June 16, 2008

Charred Carne Adavoda, with Fat Johnny's Adovado Sauce

First off, a big thanks to Chez John for the sauce recipe! If you get a moment, check out his blog at Chez Johns Front Porch

For the sauce, 32 dried chili peppers from 4 varieties.

Here the peppers have the stems and seeds removed, along with the other ingredients for the sauce.

While the sauce is steeping in the pot, i seasoned up some boneless country style ribs, and got them ready for the grill.

Charred them just a bit over real high heat, using coals of charcoal and some mesquite wood.

The ribs go the pot with a bit of the freshly blended sauce.

After 2.5 hours in a dutchoven in the oven at 325, they are fall apart tender

And plated and ready to eat, along with some black beans and warm tortilla's

The pork was awesome, and this sauce has limitless possibilities.


Chez said...

lookin' good, podnah ... mighty good indeed. that carne adovada sure do make a cold beer taste good, don't it? lol

~Mooney said...

And some of that Avovada made some great enchiladas for dinner tonight! A little refried beans, sharp cheddar, and the Carne. Mighty Tasty indeed!

joe bill Moad said...


Glad to hear you smokin again!!!