Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pulled smoked beef

Decided it was a good day to throw a chuck roast on the Smokey Mountain. I picked up a beautiful 3.5 pound fresh roast, and its on the smoker right now. I kept the seasoning simple for this cook. Rubbed some Worcestershire sauce on the outside, and then sprinkled with salt and black pepper. When its done, i will pull it apart and serve it on buns. during the week, the leftovers will be heated up with Adovado sauce and made into enchiladas or something.

Raw and ready for smoke


Chris said...

It's just me and the 8 y/o this weekend, so I'm just using the Egg for some light grilling. But when my 19 y/o returns from Florida in two weeks, I think I'll smoke him one of these. They are one of his favorites.

I like mine simple too. I just do pepper and Billy Bones Beefmaster.

joe bill Moad said...

Sea Salt/ black coarse pepper is the best rub for None!