Sunday, July 6, 2008

WOW. The smoked salmon ABT's were a sucess!!

I folded some salmon into my seasoned cream cheese for some of the ABT's i made today. I have to say they turned out great. Salmon and cream cheese go very well together, and heck, bacon goes with EVERYTHING. I will definitely do these again!

The 4 on the back of the plate have the salmon though its hard to tell once they are cooked. I also made some with just cheese, and half a pepper.


Chris said...

They look great but I bet that they tasted even better, right?

Bill Parlaman said...

I've never tried them whole. I always slice and fill the pepper up like a bowl. They look great though!

Bill Parlaman

The BBQ Guy said...

Wow. I like those pictures.

I've never tried making these, but after seeing your pictures I'm definitely putting them on the list.

joe bill Moad said...

Salmon sounds real Good!!!! Healthy too!!!