Saturday, May 10, 2008

The essence of BBQ, Beer, and Blues

Today we had a surprise party for a family members 60th Bday. I cooked up 23 pounds of pork butt over night, and brought it for lunch. Had a heck of feast. Now, a few hours later, i am sitting here drinking DogFish Head 60 Minutes IPA, while Big Mama Thornton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Jimmy Reed howl on the box. But hell, there are no rules here. The Music need not be the Blues, it just needs to be good. I spend most of the time drinking Busch light, not Dogfish Head. and BBQ is just another form of gourmet cooking. Its just different then French and Italian, but no less gourmet. Just don't ask a seasoned pit master to admit it. I am not sure what i am doing with this blog, but i KNOW i am not the only one to love food, tunes, and drink. Or, BBQ, Beer, and the Blues!


Pat Mooney said...

You should start up a beer review section. You could rate and critique different beers. Make it like a movie review, rate it one through five or ten bottles(instead of stars) then write a critique about it with things like, heaviness, body, bitterness, what food it would go good with, is it worth the price, ect.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice blog! All the things I like!
Add a little college football in and maybe a few cheerleaders and you the perfect blog!

The beer review would be good, and what better way to "work"!

"Gotta review some new beers tonight... It's tough, but somebody's gotta do it"

Try some of the wheat beers with a squeeze of orange. Blue Moon is a good one.

Shane Daugherty