Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tonights Cook.........

I am going to be BBQ-in a 15 pound Chuck roast. It should take about 15 hours. Of course being BBQ, anywhere from 12 to 20 hours would not surprise me too much. I will be adding pics as the evening progresses. Right now, I am waiting for a little storm to pass. This is the second one in an hour, and the first one took down a few trees, and one of those trees landed on the power line going to my house. This all happened literally the moment I put a steak on the Weber for dinner. While I was holding the Weber down, trees were falling. Power stayed on, and the power company was here in less then an hour to fix everything. Of course, the weather forecast mentioned NOTHING about 80 mile an hour winds, or storms of any kind. Welcome to weather in the Midwest.

Here it is rubbed after sitting in the fridge for a few hours, just before it goes on the Q.

At 170 degrees meat temp, I put it in a large roasting pan, and foiled the top. I cranked up the cooker temp to 275 and let it go for about 3.5 more hours to 195. I was planning on taking it to 205, but it was clear when i checked it last that she was ready to fall apart.

It was going to be pulled at a different location, but I pulled a part off to show the smoke ring.

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Chez said...

sweet mary mother of jesus!! dude, i just smashed my forehead into the monitor tryin' to take a bite that bbq/smoked beef ~ whooooboy, dat large, hi-res pic got me slobberin' all over myself! lol