Monday, May 12, 2008

Just back from the local Butcher Shop

Lots of people these days get their meat from the super market chain, or at walmart. I still prefer my local Butcher for all my meat needs. It may be more expensive, but i know i will get quality meat, and i know it was raised on local farms, with no hormones. And its just so dang easy. I walked in and spoke with the owner, and ordered 3 12-15 pound chuck roasts for pulled beef, and 2 15 pound Butts for pulled pork. They know exactly how i like them trimmed, and they are exactly the size and weight i need to maximize my BBQ space. Sure, for cooking for 150 people like i am doing later this month, i would save some money at wally world. But this way i KNOW that the day before the big cook, i will have exactly the meat i need, and it will be thawed and ready to go. To me, that piece of mind, plus the added quality of the meat, more then makes up for the added cost.


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