Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Song of the Day

Starting today, i will be adding a Song of the Day to the free playlist at the bottom of the page. Todays song of the day is Heavenly Houseboat Blues, by Townes Van Zandt. Townes Van Zandt was one of the greatest American Songwriters. Because he never got much airplay on the radio and TV, he is often overlooked. Even though he wrote many of America's Classics, Like Pancho and Lefty, made famous by Willie and Waylon, he died young without getting the acclaim some of his contemporaries did. The song of the day for Wednesday, May 14 is a classic from Townes Van Zandt.


Anonymous said...

gotta luv TVZ. or his running buddies, Guy Clark or Joe Ely. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

If you guys like TVZ's music ... be sure and check out the movies about him ... there's 2 of them ... kinda hard to find, but NetFlix has them both. There are MANY TVZ songs that I like, but my favorites are *Dead Flowers* and *White Freightliner Blue*

chez said...

nice cover of pancho & lefty by gillian ~ i had not heard it before. i'm a big gillian fan ... and david rawlings, too ~ boy can flat out slap a plank wit the best of them! tru dat. have you heard gillian do *beulah land* ... nobody does it better, 'cept mebbe mississippi john hurt. i like *barroom girls* too. keep the tunes comin', podnah.