Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonights Cook, Habanero Mango Wings

Took the wings and seasoned with Cayenne pepper, Granulated Garlic, and black pepper.

On the cooker with some Hickory wood.

Turned them the first time

This is the second turn

Finally done

With the sauce.

Half of them are with Mango Hananero sauce, and the other half is a Spice Garlic sauce. Skin was nice and crisp, with a nice hickory wood flavor. They cooked about 400 degrees (its not low and slow with chicken) for about an hour. I used the skewers so i could keep the wing halves together, and keep the wing open to heat. It helps to keep them from falling through the grate, and you only have to turn half as many this way.

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Anonymous said...

That sauce could down a horse says the wife.