Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July to you all!!

I hope all is going well for your 4th of July celebrations! For our 4th of July dinner, I cooked up some Chile Lime Chicken. I took Chicken quarters marinaded them in Olive oil, fresh garlic, lime juice, Chile peppers and Corona beer. Threw on the on the WSM at 300 degrees, and they came nice and juicy, with a crispy skin and good smoke flavor. I also smoked some fresh mushroom Swiss sausages that i picked up at the local butch shop (sailers) today. The nice thing about that is Sailers was closed. Because of a change in plans for the day, i needed some meat for the weekend. My wife called down to see if they were open, and they were not. However a couple of guys were working in the morning, stuffing some fresh sausage. They opened up and sold me the Chicken, 2 kinds of sausage, and a rack of spares for tomorrow. Just another thing that makes the local butcher WAAYYYY better then meat from Wally World or some such chain.


Chez said...

looks mighty good, mooney ~ good color on that chicken & the skin looks nice & crisp. that color obviously from the smoke, but i bet that chile in yer marinade accounts for a lil' dat red color, too. i made some homemade salsa a couple days ago, and put 4 kinds of chiles in it ... gave the salsa a deep mahogany color and earthy flavor. love them dried chiles.

~Mooney said...

Because of my limited time in the marinade, all of that beautiful color came from hickory wood. Next time, they need an overnight marinade, but i had to improvise this time. Mis placed my danged De Arbol Chile's too. I know i have 3 dozen of them somewhere in my kitchen. Those will go in too when i find the dang things!